So, Fevers is kind of a random name.

When I was trying to figure out a name for this blog, I really wanted to do a name that was unique and I didn’t have to add “site” or  “blog” onto the end without paying money because I really don’t have a ton of money. All the good names were taken, of course, so I settled on the name Fevers.

So, this blog isn’t really for any particular reason. I guess its just one of my many projects…I had a blog a really long time ago that I basically ghosted, but I hope this one will last. I will try to post once or twice a week, probably Monday and/or Fridays, but midterms are going on right now, and as any student would understand, I have some major studying to to….if I get off the internet to actually study. Well, me and my friend are going to do a social media free week for midterms, but we will see how that goes…


Photo: Taken in PA at my grandparents farm. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I might share some photos or artwork every once in a while.


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